About Me

Hello friend (: Thanks so much for visiting my website!

I’m Heather Ione Clark, pronounced like “eye-own,” in case you were wondering. I’m a Blogger, Integrative Health Coach, and Manifestation Teacher from St. Petersburg, Florida.

I originally started this blog to talk about how social media impacted my mental health causing me to become “Lost Online.” Fast forward to now and my blog has grown so much and became more about self-help, health, and wellness.

Now I’ve made it my mission to inspire other women to live happy, healthy lives through self-help and self-discovery, lifestyle changes, spirituality, and conscious technology use. Because our modern world, while wonderful, challenges us daily and can prevent us from reaching our full potential. Through chemical-ridden products, consumerism, flawless social media accounts, societal pressure, personal challenges, health issues and more, it can be difficult to be yourself, stay well, and chase those crazy dreams.

My own big, scary dream in life is to become a successful author, speaker, and blogger within the self-help and wellness industry. Because the world needs less “influencers” and more wellness warriors.

Through the writing that I’ve been doing on Lost Online over the last few years, I discovered my passion to help people become the best possible versions of themselves. BUT, I wanted to do that in person too! Not JUST through online content. So I decided to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I now work with clients to help achieve their wellness goals and feel aligned in their mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to blogging and health coaching, I’m also a manifestation teacher. Through my own spiritual journey and crazy manifestation story, I ended up learning so much about the Law of Attraction and how to create your dream life. Now, one of my passions is to teach other women about manifestation and how to make their dreams a reality too through Manifestation Meetups!

My Background

I started out going to college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to receive a degree in business. Every single person in my life told me that I HAD to study business. The planet would not stay perfectly on its axis if I didn’t take accounting and economic classes, so I did. And I hated it and failed everything. So I ended up transferring into communications, like so many people who yearn to create do. It was then that I first discovered the wonderful world of blogging.

I was sitting in my first public relations class with my incredibly enthusiastic professor and her Tinkerbell hair and glowing career in PR and social media. She was the one who introduced me to blogging and talked about what an amazing opportunity it is to create blog posts each week about what you’re passionate about. You never know what could come by showing up each week and writing about your passions. It was in that very class with flickering fluorescent lights that I knew I wanted to be a blogger… but the problem was I had no idea what to write about, no professional photos, and a crippling fear of what my family and peers would think of me.

Fast forward three years and I had transferred to Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. I was studying strategic communication and was working really hard at creating a solid foundation for myself to be in “communications,” whatever that meant. I was doing three internships: one for social media, one for public relations and one for advertising. I also had the incredible opportunity to personally create a smoke and tobacco-free policy at my college and run the research and campaigning for a year.

Waking Up

That’s when I really started to realize that I wanted to be in health and wellness. I had created a policy, I had gotten free cessation services brought to my school, I had raised $20,000, I had gone on the radio, I had created an event – but more importantly, I had created a difference in my community.

I remember so vividly a girl walking up to me at my smoke-free launching party to tell me that she had an extreme case of asthma and hasn’t been able to walk through campus for years to go to her classes. She actually had to come up with a special route to get to her classes to avoid the cigarette smoke. She told me thanks to my work, she going to be able to attend classes without fear. Another person approached me and told me that they started to go to the cessation classes I brought in and were finally able to give up tobacco.

In the beginning, I saw the smoke-free campaign as an opportunity to set myself up for a career and add some lines to my resume. Somehow it ended up becoming a pivotal moment in my life. This wellness campaign had an impact on my community, made a difference in the lives of my young adults, and potentially added years to their lives. That day of my event, it finally hit me that I didn’t just want to be in communications writing up social media posts, press releases or advertisements for random companies. I wanted to work within communications on projects that helped make people healthier and happier, rather than just “create awareness,” “drive traffic,” and “push product sales.”

Starting Over

After graduation, I moved to sunny St. Pete and had gotten a 9-5 cubicle job writing Amazon descriptions. I had gotten my foot in the door and I was finally in the health industry, but something just didn’t feel right. I had just gone from making an impact in my community to sitting in a cubicle writing about products. I thought that once I got a 9-5 job out of college that I was supposed to have made it! I would be happy! I would have reached the end goal that society had told me that I had to reach my entire life! But I wasn’t happy.

Deep down I knew I wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives, not just say I work for a health company. I wanted to make my mess my message and inspire other people to live well. And I knew for those 5 years leading up to starting Lost Online that I was meant to be a blogger and writer even if I didn’t reach some crazy level of success. So I left the cubicle life behind and committed myself full-time to learning more about health and wellness and growing this platform and community of mine.

Since then, I’ve started to receive messages from people telling me that sharing my experiences and being vulnerable on this platform has helped them. My posts have started to resonated with others in the way that I’ve always dreamed of. Knowing that my words can help another woman (or man for that matter) find their strength and create a positive change in their life, is the reason why I show up here every week.

Thank you so much for coming to Lost Online and supporting me on this journey.


20 Random (& Slightly Embarrassing) Facts About Me:

Photo by Whitnie Williams @whitawill.
  1. I’m on a lifelong search for the world’s cutest flowy pants & most beautiful murals.
  2. I should have the words “Have you read Big Magic?” tattooed on my forehead.
  3. If you’re mean to me, you might end up in my blog. If you’re nice to me, you also might end up in my blog. (:
  4. I can and will quote every line from the dinner scene in “Talladega Nights” whenever the mood strikes. Or the coffee shop scene in “Kicking and Screaming.”
  5. I could geek out on self-help and self-improvement all day every day.
  6. I live for the moments when someone tells me that my words inspired them.
  7. I’m a firm believer that the more you throw yourself outside of your comfort zone and chase your big, scary dreams, the happier you’ll be.
  8. I don’t deserve Matt Rutski.
  9. I completely changed my life using the Law of Attraction.
  10. Once when I was little I choked on a banana and to this day I can’t eat a banana without gagging.
  11. I think chai lattes are one of the universe’s best gifts to us.
  12. I’m super introverted, despite how much I share on Lost Online.
  13. My favorite movies of all time are “Hocus Pocus” and “Practical Magic.”
  14. I’m a Cancer so I was basically born to cry.
  15. Nothing flatters me more than when someone compliments my pictures or writing.
  16. I hate boats and sushi. This will never change.
  17. My biggest pet peeve is unsupportive people.
  18. In an ideal world, I would have been born in Salem, Mass., on Halloween with flaming red hair.
  19. If I was a crystal I would be a moonstone.
  20. I’m pretty sure that all life’s problems can be solved through stream-of- consciousness journaling.

Featured In

  • Flat Tummy Tea Co – Blog, “Review on Flat Tummy Tea: 2 Step Detox”
  • Future Females Blog – Guest Post, “How to Find Balance & Inner Peace”
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  • Dense Breast Ultrasound, Women’s Wellness Blog – Guest Post, “Educate & Empower Series: Your FAQ About Breast Ultrasound Screenings”
  • Dense Breast Ultrasound, Women’s Wellness Blog – “Getting to Know Heather Clark”
  • Relax & Take Your Bra Off Podcast with Sandy Waver – “Getting to Know Heather Clark”
  • 103.9 WSOS Radio Show Kevin Geddings – Flagler College Now Smoke and Tobacco-Free
  • Food Paradise – Testimonial of Maple Street Biscuit Company
  • Fields Cadillac Testimonial for Youtube, TV, and Radio

Main photo by Ray Reyes. @rocketsciencephoto.


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